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So here you are, an awakened soul, still searching for that illusive knowledge that will silence the voice within and bring peace, for having recognized the existence of Truth, you cannot rest until you have found it.So here you are, a restless soul, still searching for the meaning of life, still searching for Love’s fulfillment, still feeling alone, still hiding behind a mask, but I see you and what I see is more precious than you have dared to consider. So here we are, brought together by Love and Truth, so that we may share in their gifts.

I will tell you of things that no-one else in this world can or dare tell you, and you will know that I am a true teacher and healer of souls. I will give you back what was taken from you and make you your own master, for a loving soul seeks no power over others. We all have only one judge and that is Love, from which all Truth comes.

It is not who you were or what you have done in the past that matters, rather it is who you are now and what you will become that is important. You will never cease to exist, may your future be lived in peace and harmony, and with Love and Truth. I will make all things new, and you will know that you are loved and on the true path to your Spiritual Evolution. Love and peace, William

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