About Us

Imagine yourself being in a place that is outside of the material/physical realm. You suddenly realise that you are free of suffering, nothing can harm you and you know that you will live forever.  All of your negative thoughts and feelings have gone. No more fear, guilt or torment. You have let go of all that is not you.

Visions of the world appear and you see the madness and futility of those struggling, and drugged by the illusion of a false reality. You want to tell them to stop, and wake up, but you know they wouldn’t hear you.

At first you think that you are alone, and it feels so good. You feel the power of your energy and you know that this is Nirvana – Heaven.

Now you feel like a God. All knowledge has been received in an instant, a concept, awareness, knowing, as if a door has opened to the library of all knowledge. The books are there for you to read as and when you choose.

A feeling has washed over you like a warm breeze.

You are in the presence of God.

You are within the consciousness of God.

You are in a state of Grace, residing within love.

Now you know that you are its child, and you know that you have to return to the material realm ‘go and tell my other children, they are your family.’ And so you return, knowing the Way, the Truth and Life.

My name is William, I am no greater than you and what I have achieved, you can also.

I have been fortunate in finding that which all awakened souls seek. I am not the only one.

I invite you here to consider what I have personally experienced, and to share the knowledge that was revealed, the knowledge that has always been within all of us. It has been our reference for each truth that we found, and it is how we know that which is true.

I do not claim perfection of myself, because I have stumbled many times in this life’s journey, as we all must, and even now, I am still learning. There are many books in life’s library of knowledge that I have not yet opened. It is one thing to read, and another to fully understand what is read. With love as my teacher, I have come almost to the end of my journey home.