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Debt Enslaves Victims to the Powerful

Slaves are not just those who work under the crack of a whip to perform tasks. They are also the ones hooked into bad debts. To enhance their terror penalties are imposed but the question is why and who is behind them? My research took me back to the world of the two beasts of Revelation and the Second Beast who controls religion and commerce. Their power is fear and sin which they inflicted over the world.

Guilt is fear and it stems from terrorism and the threats of hell. It’s the power behind religions to maintain their congregations and its also how commercial enterprises entrap people into paying them. They are termed ‘ money cows’ with enslavement to ideology and greed. That is why people in debt are charged interest on it and pay heavily for maintaining it.

Religions and institutions fool people into false beliefs related to consequences attached to slipping away from the ‘norm’ or the accepted ways of society. The real God is the Spirit of the Universe and it does not put anyone into debt.

Rather it left messages about the prisons that many find themselves locked into and unable to escape. Both debt and sin are slippery slopes into the darkness created by Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and ordered the systems of religion, law, finance, and other that make up the World Order, He put forward the notion of heaven and hell as weapons to gather in all of his empire.’

He still rules the world and many who are in debt with no logical escape commit suicide or rob someone to get the money to pay to get out of the predicament. Others go through a living hell with constant reminders that they are to be punished if they don’t comply with the demands.

To be in debt to the religious hierarchy because of so-called sin is sometimes worse and it can drive people mad. That is because the imagination is driven by brainwashing and false claims that make little to no sense.

An Enslaving Motorcycle?

Enslaving Motorcycle, that’s a contradiction in terms isn’t it?

I read a post on a Motorcycle Forum ridiculing a fella for talking about the Freedom of the Open Road.

This great thinker posed the idea that a person who’d spent the money to ride a fine Motorcycle was enslaved by the cost of his obsession. He actually put it into the realm of hypocrisy.

Enslaved by my bike? uhhh… Don’t think so.

Hmmm… I think, that statement and those like it are where the phrases… “If you don’t ride… you don’t know” and… “If I have to explain it to you, you won’t understand”, and “Only Motorcycle riders understand why dogs hang their heads out the window” came from.

Apparently, to achieve Freedom, in the eyes of these philosophical giants… You have to live naked in the jungle, living on bugs and drinking out of a creek or licking water off the leaves!

There is a cost to everything. There never has been, never will be, such a thing as a free ride. Let’s face it… something that is free… ain’t worth much… is it?

Freedom is one of the most expensive, and by far the most precious of things a man can own. The work he had to do, to put his butt on the Fine Motorcycle, that hangs the grin on his face and lights his spirit with the high shine of FREEDOM, is a sacrifice well made.

Enslaving Motorcycle? If the sheer, giggling, joy I get from riding a fine Motorcycle is Slavery… then Slavery has been maligned! I’ve always thought of slavery as grinding, painful, heart searing, imprisonment; something that does damage to you.

Roaring down the two lane… following my nose… splitting the wind on my V Star… and one day soon a sweet VICTORY Motorcycle… is not grinding… it ain’t painful… and it sure ain’t imprisonment.

An action that lifts the spirit, and motivates your imagination and ambitions is not hardly damaging.

A Motorcycle does however, often sear the heart. That’s a pretty good description of the sensation you feel, when you come leaning around that last corner, coming out of a narrow canyon, up in Wyoming… as the road straightens out before you, the sun glittering off the dew on the grass, as the valley glows in front of you, and gets lost in the distant, misty horizon…