Choosing a topic for your paper

Ask yourself:

Is the Topic too big?

(If this is a research paper, trace the history of mankind from 10 BCE to 1908. Include two personal interviews)

Is the Topic too small?

(Why does my little brother always wear blue socks?)

Your Topic should have some general interest and be related to the subject for which the paper is assigned (While I am personally interested if your brother wears blue socks because he is paying an homage to impressionist painters, it is unlikely that your English Teacher cares.)

Is my Topic appropriate for the academic level of my subject?

If you are studying Children’s Literature or are in Elementary school, a character profile of Richard Scary’s Lowly Worm, might be a good topic. If you are in AP English Lit, you might want to take another approach. Perhaps compare and contrast Lowly to his Dickensian Counterpart.

Will I be able to find enough sources for this topic?

Choosing a unique topic is a worthy endeavor but if your passion is the Chinese Theatre of the Absurd and there is exactly one thesis paper available for perusal at a California University and your Inter Library Loan skills are unreliable, perhaps

Do you have a genuine interest in this topic?

If you selected the topic because it has limited resources or has the shortest title, it is very likely that you will lose interest. If your paper is a major grade or a semester long project, you will want something that interests you.

Frankenstein​ ​Paper​ ​Topics

Here you will find some good topics for your essay on Frankenstein

1.) Discuss organ transplants in the modern world. Black market may also be mentioned.
2.) Research human cloning. What successes have there been, and what are the ethical implications
of cloning?
3.) Discuss human and animal testing. Include the reasons for testing and the controversy
surrounding it.
4.) Research transgenic mice. What other avenues are scientists exploring based off this?
5.) Discuss animal cloning. What animals have been cloned and what is the public opinion?
6.) Discuss organ cloning. How is this changing medical science?
7.) Explore the issue of assisted suicide. May include Dr. Kevorkian and new laws passed concerning
the issue.
8.) Discuss stem cell research, the different types, and the purpose.
9.) Examine genetic engineering. May include how it is related to not only humans, but also food.
10.)Research biotech and the issues/controversy that surrounds the topic.
11.)Explain artificial intelligence and what it encompasses. Include the capabilities and where AI is
12.)Discuss the ethics of medical knowledge gained by experimentation, specifically the experiments
of Nazis. May also include tests by the United States’ government in Guatemala and the
Tuskegee Experiment.
13.)Discuss immunization; what it is, how it’s done, and the controversy surrounding it. May also
include the history of immunizations and cases about parents who refuse to immunize their
children. Discuss reasons (alleged link to autism, for example).
14.)Research the use of animal organs in humans. May include what animals are used, if it is humane,
and the problems surrounding the science.
15.)Explore the secrecy in science. Consider whether it is fair or if all scientific knowledge gained
should be released to the public.
16.)Research the recent advancements in science. What has developed over the last 30 years? Focus
on a specific branch of science.
17.)CRISPR gene-editing
18.)Drone privacy/other spy technology. Use by governments as well as private individuals.

The hardest part of writing is the beginning, but once you are done with your introductory paragraph, the rest of the paper will almost write itself. Good luck!