Choosing a topic for your paper

Ask yourself:

Is the Topic too big?

(If this is a research paper, trace the history of mankind from 10 BCE to 1908. Include two personal interviews)

Is the Topic too small?

(Why does my little brother always wear blue socks?)

Your Topic should have some general interest and be related to the subject for which the paper is assigned (While I am personally interested if your brother wears blue socks because he is paying an homage to impressionist painters, it is unlikely that your English Teacher cares.)

Is my Topic appropriate for the academic level of my subject?

If you are studying Children’s Literature or are in Elementary school, a character profile of Richard Scary’s Lowly Worm, might be a good topic. If you are in AP English Lit, you might want to take another approach. Perhaps compare and contrast Lowly to his Dickensian Counterpart.

Will I be able to find enough sources for this topic?

Choosing a unique topic is a worthy endeavor but if your passion is the Chinese Theatre of the Absurd and there is exactly one thesis paper available for perusal at a California University and your Inter Library Loan skills are unreliable, perhaps

Do you have a genuine interest in this topic?

If you selected the topic because it has limited resources or has the shortest title, it is very likely that you will lose interest. If your paper is a major grade or a semester long project, you will want something that interests you.