Introductory Paragraph Example

(Start with a broad sentence and end with the thesis)

The essence of man’s relationship to nature has been an eternal subject throughout history for the human mind to contemplate and analyze. In addition to the obvious analyses in the sciences, literature too has found this subject a constant subject of exploration. Despite the physical limitations of the stage, drama often employs the natural world as an integral part of the written and then performed story. Even in the almost complete bareness of the Elizabethan stage, William Shakespeare often touched upon the natural world in his plays. One of his plays where this quickly becomes apparent is in the classic tragedy, Macbeth. In fact, from Act I, scene i to the final Act V, scene viii, nature surrounds the title character’s march to his destiny. In Macbeth nature plays a vital role in the rise and fall of the character Macbeth.

1. In the example paragraph explain how the first sentence relates to the thesis.
2. Explain how the second sentence is more specific than the first.
3. Explain how the third sentence is more specific than the second.
4. Explain how the fourth sentence is more specific than the third.
5. Explain how the fifth sentence is more specific than the fourth.
6. Explain how the sixth sentence is more specific that the fifth.
7. Explain how the seventh sentence is more specific than the sixth.
8.-15. Choose a thesis sentence that you want to use for an essay and write the
introductory paragraph following the form given in the example.