Personal Statement in a Cover Letter

If I was writing a cover letter to work for Chevron and ask me why I want to work there it’s like saying like oh because I need this job to advance my salary and alright that’s my career and I need a nice saw glass door that you guys pale on right I want to write that instead I’ve read something like you know uh you know I have an interest in petroleum I like to advance the industry and I think I could I bring like a certain skillset to Chevron right so that’s that’s the same principle that you need apply to you your University statement is is you know of course you’re getting this career advancement through through the University and of course you need it to crew to advance in a lot of careers but what they really want to know is what you can offer them not what what you can offer them and what not not what they can offer you because they already know what they can offer you. Read more on Edusson.

Number two there should be a logical tie to all your selling points a really common thing I see with personal statements is that someone will write like oh I did all this volunteer work for Key Club or I I did I was a personal trainer for this for a 24 hour fitness and then they’re right and this is why I should be a student at your school they’ll is no logical tie and this is probably the hardest part of our writing the personal statement because you probably have all these good qualities about you and then and then you then you want to on tied in to like to you being good student and being a quality student for them a lot of these times I think the best thing to solve this is tap someone else proofread it.

Because it’s not only someone else proofread your paper is that they’re the ones that saying like okay you kind of went from saying your volunteer here and then you said your good student layer seniors needs to be a tie here and having some proofread that can can help a lot um number three cut out most adverbs I want to count one things I’ll see where often is no I’m really interested in engineering you know instead of saying I’m really interested in engineering to say I’m interested in engineering because blah blah blah blah blah or a lot of people will say oh as the president of you know the engineering Club at my school like significantly increased membership don’t cut up the significantly to say as the engineering president or engineer club president on my school I increased membership and then when you make us when you make a statement like that like a like a qualifying statement meaning you’re selling yourself to them you either you want to make it qualitative or you want to use their imagination.