Where to Look for Sources for your Research Paper

Where to Look for Sources


Library card catalogues:

Most libraries now offer online catalogues that you can access from anywhere as long as you have a library card.  Try different keywords or phrases to ensure that you find all related material.



Most libraries subscribe to databases.  There are different databases for different fields, so make sure you check out all the databases you can find that related to your research topic.  Databases will offer a variety of substantial articles and books that are all from reputable sources.



Websites can be useful at times.  However, often times, it is harder to weed through the bad material than to just use a library or database.  You must always verify that the information you are looking at is valid. Some helpful hints to assure that the website is valid:


  1. Who is the owner / author of the website?  And what are their credentials in the subject area?
  2. What type of domain does it come from?
  3. Who published or owns the page?
  4. Is there a date on the page?
  5. Are sources documented with footnotes or links?